NFBCS 2021 Resources

This post will contain all of the resources we talked about during the NFBCS 2021 meeting. Most of these resources were in chat, but wanted to have a unified place for people to find them.

MathMl Resources

These are some of my resources for the mathml presentation given by Kurtis Chong.

Math Player Download

Math Type Download for desktop

Mathtype for Google Docs

Learning to code

The following resources were talked about at the NFBCS meeting during a break. Hopefully, these will allow more people to learn to code.


Taylor’s Tech Talks Youtube Channel for VSCode Tutorials

Taylors Tech talks Official Website For Blog Posts and Other Information

Communities for Learning To Code

The First codecademy Chapter Dedicated to accessibility

Blog Post About codecademy Chapter

Programming for Everyone discord server

Accessible Coders Chapter Website

Techopolis Coders Discussion Group Mailing List

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