Techopolis Live Episode 10 Tonight 7:00 Eastern

Watch tonight at 7:00 Eastern tonight as Taylor and Michael have our weekly show. You may watch here: Watch Now Show Description: On episode 10 of Techopolis Live, Taylor and Michael recap the Apple September 2021 event, discuss the results of Michaels Windows 11 upgrade on Windows 365, and more. We also talk about some … Read more

Github Repo Is Now Available From Monday’s Stream

I am so happy to report that the GitHub repo from Monday’s Hello World demo is now available for you to look at. If you missed the stream, no worries as you can view using the following link. [View Stream]( To get the repo from the demo, please visit the following link. As a side … Read more

Techopolis Live Episode 9 Tonight

Join Michael Doise, Taylor Arndt, and Luis Ramos at 7:00 eastern today as they discuss technology related topics on this week’s episode of Techopolis Live. Topics include: 1) What causes some users to switch from Android to iOS and back again 2) Should Tech companies focus more efforts on providing products to advanced users instead … Read more

Live Equalize Digital Accessibility Checker Backend Review

Taylor’s Tech Talks will be going live tonight at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central, 6:00 mountain, and 5:00 pacific. We will be reviewing the Accessibility Checker Plugin backend from a blindness and low vision perspective. The plugin helps website owners ensure websites are accessible by doing automated scans for accessibility and showing the results in a … Read more

NFBCS 2021 Resources

This post will contain all of the resources we talked about during the NFBCS 2021 meeting. Most of these resources were in chat, but wanted to have a unified place for people to find them. MathMl Resources These are some of my resources for the mathml presentation given by Kurtis Chong. Math Player Download Math … Read more