Taylor’s Tear Down Idea Suggestion Form Is Now Live!

On Friday I announced that Taylor’s Tech Talks is heading into a new direction.

As part of this, I am starting a show called Taylor’s Tear Downs where I will review applications, WordPress Plugins, and anything else you want me to Tear Down. Some future episodes include Descript application for mac, 1Password 8 Beta, and Rank Math SEO WordPress plugin. The tare downs come from an accessibility perspective highlighting the accessibility or inaccessibility. The intent is to help educate people about the value of accessibility and to show problems users may face.

We have had amazing ideas already come threw the comments, and as a result I needed a place for people to submit these so I could keep organized.

Below, you will find a google form where you can submit your ideas. These tare downs will happen live Mondays at 8:00 Eastern, 7 central, 6 Mountain, and 5 Pacific.


In the future, you may visit the following link to submit your ideas.


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