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Episode Notes

In this episode, we make an important update.


Good morning everybody at least it’s morning here in Michigan. I hope you guys are having a great day, we’re going to provide a little bit of an update. So you’re probably wondering, Well, why did you start a podcast when you already have a YouTube channel? And that is a good question. And the answer to that is, well, I kind of have a YouTube channel. The thing that everybody’s been noticing lately is that every time I post a video, one of three things would happen. YouTube’s algorithm would think that because of either my voice or my facial characteristics, that I was too young to actually post or stream videos. And as a result, I’ve gotten a lot of strikes, and had to go back and forth with the YouTube team.
This really culminated this week on Twitter, and it got to the point where it almost demotivated me to not produce content anymore, because of everything that YouTube was trying to do to make it impossible for me to get my message out there. I’ve decided that all my content from now on will be in this podcast, and not the YouTube channel.
How is this going to affect the content? Well, the truth is that it’s not. I’m still going to produce the great content that you are aware of. However, it’s just going to be in this new podcast form. And I understand some people may not like this, but it’s honestly the only option I have. We’re still going to do tutorials and we’re still going to have special guests. From time to time, we’re still going to have interviews and other cool tech topics. It’ll just be on a podcast instead.
How will this affect my membership on your website? Good question. Well, it won’t. So all of the membership perks that you are used to if you’re a member, and thanks to all of our great members for helping make these podcasts and YouTube channel possible. Now, the Early Access protocols may change just because I got to figure out how it won’t be public right away. But you’ll still get the discord server, you’ll still get mentioned in the podcast in the show notes, you’ll probably get other cool things too. And if you don’t want to become a member of the site, you can also use the tip jar that Pyne cast provides. And the link is in the show notes. So if you don’t want to be a member, per say , but you can also donate that way. Another way you can support the podcast is you can actually use affiliate links, I do make a commission. And if you’re not okay with that, you can just google and find the vendor directly. But if you use my link, I will get a small percentage of the sale, which will then in turn help support the podcast and my company in general.
I run a company called tailors Accessibility Services. And I provide websites training and build out hosting. I also do accessibility consulting, so making sure content is accessible. So I started this company because accessibility is more important than ever before. And I want to ensure that all people can access websites that are created and that have the proper tools. But besides website stuff, I also want to train people to make WordPress and other websites. Because I believe that if we can train people, then we can try to help them be more empowered to do similar things, which is great because they’ll make the world a better place. I have a lot of cool services. My company website is Taylor arndt.com tayrrndt.com. The best way to stay informed by all this is to subscribe to the mailing list or follow me on Twitter. All of that information will be in the show notes. This was a quick update and I hope that you guys are having a great day.

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